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Lucely, 18, lives in a rural location in San Cristóbal province, on the outskirts of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. At age 16, she had an unplanned and undesired pregnancy. Every little thing ended proper there,” she mentioned. Lucely—whose identify has been modified to safeguard her privacy—first had sex when she was 14. At that time, she had really tiny details about avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. She mentioned a person visited her school when in a while” to talk to the ladies and boys about sex: They’d tell us not to have sex at an early age—that we shouldn’t be carrying out that,” she mentioned. No a single informed her about contraceptive strategies or how to entry or use them.

Lucely is a single of the 20.5 percent of ladies and youthful females ages 15 to 19 in the Dominican Republic who grow to be pregnant although nevertheless in their teens, most of them without having possessing intended or desired to do so. 2 Their fundamental human rights—to existence, wellness, freedom from discrimination, and schooling, amid others—are threatened by damaging policies and practices that deny them entry to crucial sexual and reproductive wellness details and providers.

The Dominican Republic has the highest adolescent fertility charge of all the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the Pan American Wellness Organization (PAHO). Although some adolescent pregnancies are planned and desired at the time they take place, several are not. 3 The total ban on abortion in the Dominican Republic implies adolescent ladies facing undesired pregnancies need to pick among clandestine and usually risky abortions or the lifelong consequences of possessing a youngster against their wishes.

Enforce laws that prohibit schools from excluding pregnant ladies from schooling or pushing them to substitute class schedules against their wishes. Make certain that pregnant students and youthful mothers who wish to proceed their schooling can do so in an surroundings free of charge from stigma and discrimination. Facilitate entry to formal flexible school plans, such as evening lessons or element-time lessons, for pregnant ladies or adolescent mothers who are not capable to attend total-time lessons. Make certain students get total accreditation and certificates of schooling upon completion.

In addition, Human Rights Observe analyzed pertinent laws and policies and carried out a assessment of secondary sources, which includes demographic data, public wellness scientific studies, and reports by other organizations. The names of females and ladies, as effectively as support suppliers, have been modified to safeguard their privacy and safety.

The sexuality schooling system at present in spot in the Dominican Republic, Programa de Educación Afectivo Sexual, or PEAS, does not contain any teaching close to LGBT concerns. The five LGBT youngsters and youthful adults interviewed by Human Rights Observe mentioned they felt marginalized and excluded in the constrained conversations close to sexual and reproductive wellness and rights that took spot at their schools.

Human Rights Observe interviewed 10 adolescent ladies and youthful females ages 15 to 19 who had been pregnant at least when, and 20 females who mentioned they had a pregnancy just before turning 18. Most of these pregnancies have been unplanned, and several have been also undesired.

Human Rights Observe spoke with numerous females and ladies who experimented with to end an undesired pregnancy clandestinely in the course of adolescence. 75 Their accounts reveal the distinct damaging impacts of the criminalization of abortion on adolescent ladies.

Numerous ladies and youthful females who had been pregnant in the course of adolescence advised Human Rights Observe they faced discrimination or discriminatory attitudes from teachers or school administrators. These students usually left school in the course of pregnancy, or right after offering birth. Some in no way returned, and some missed numerous years just before continuing their scientific studies.

Design and style and production support have been offered by Erika Nguyen, coordinator in the Women’s Rights Division Fitzroy Hepkins, administrative manager and Jose Martinez, senior administration coordinator. Gabriela Haymes translated this report into Spanish, and Claudia Núñez, Spanish net editor at Human Rights Observe, vetted the Spanish translation.

9 Human Rights Observe interview with Minerva Pérez, directora basic, Dirección de Orientación y Psicología, and Bethania Leger, técnica docente nacional, Ministerio de Educación (MINERD), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, October 1, 2018 MINERD, MINERD trabaja para incluir la educación sexual a su currículo,” July 17, 2015, -trabaja-para-incluir-la-educacion-sexual-a-su-curriculo (accessed September 11, 2018).